Honorarium - Payments without a terminal

No machines, no maintenance, no presence required.

No terminal needed

Flexibility for when you need it
  • Road side vegetable stand
  • Donations stand
  • Busking or public entertainment
  • Anywhere where a terminal is inconvenient or impossible

Multiple Products

Make all your products available
  • Add as many products as you like
  • Activate or deactivate them as your supply changes
  • Present multiple price points to user discretion

Ready made product pages

Design and print product pages
  • Helpful starter page
  • Customizable with rich text editor
  • Print direct from your browser
  • Page creation hints

Collect payments when you're not around

With honorarium you can collect payments at any time, your presence is not required. By displaying your payment code, your customers can immediately connect with and pay for your products. You will receive immediate feedback and notice of purchase.

Read our documentation to get started.

Ready made product pages

Display for pay. Each of your products comes with a default page that you can use to get started. But you aren't stuck there, edit your project page to convey your product's selling points.